Young Blues chasing hoop dreams in US

Published on: Feb 05 2018
Author: FDBA

THREE Frankston Blues basketballers are enjoying success in America.

James Harland, Tristan Forsythe and Emily Ferrier have made impressive starts to their US College careers while experiencing a new culture.

Harland is at Division 3 school Whitworth University in Washington State, while Forsythe and Ferrier are at Ellsworth College in Iowa.

Speaking to the Leader, the trio said their US adventure had been challenging, fun and satisfying.

“My first thought was this will be a blast, like in the movies all those summer college videos I watched, but I was wrong,’’ Harland said.

“Although it is tough — it is a lot of hard work — I wouldn’t change a thing, it is the best time ever and just crazy fun.’’

Harland says a busy schedule, including games in Hawaii, had helped offset homesickness.

Forsythe helped Ellsworth make a slashing 8-2 start to the season, while Ferrier was prominent in early wins.

Forsythe says he’s found the transition from Australian basketball to American basketball challenging.

“With hard work during the pre-season, trust and determination, I am playing some of my best basketball and with still a lot learn I cannot wait to see how my game develops,’’ he said.

“I found the competition is better than I expected.

“I did feel homesick during pre-season due to how physically and mentally draining it is with training 5-6 days a week, consisting of five hour workouts.

“Once the season actually started, though, I found that it was easier being away from home.’’

Ferrier has enjoyed meeting new people and having the opportunity to play basketball in a different country.

“It has been what I expected except for maybe the weather, as I didn’t expect it to get so cold so quickly,’’ she said.

“It has already snowed and it’s only autumn.

“The game is also a lot faster pace than Australia which I had expected but experiencing it is a lot different


By Frankston Leader