Ryan Broekhoff: NBA dreams come true

Published on: Jul 07 2018
Author: FDBA

Back when Ryan Broekhoff was in primary school, he was told to write about his ambition as part of a school assignment, about what he would like to be.

Everyone holds different dreams, but one could tell even back then, basketball was on young Broekhoff’s mind. He wrote a simple sentence. Something that seemed so far away back then, he might as well have been writing about becoming an astronaut….

The Frankston connection

Australian NBA players are still a rare breed despite the recent increase in numbers, yet Frankston has remarkably produced two, with Broekhoff joining David Andersen who played for the Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors across two years.

“Frankston is a an amazing club and has been for a long time, going right back to the Frankston Bears days when they played a season in the NBL,” shared Broekhoff. “It is really funny that two guys that have come from the Frankston area – a place that has had a pretty bad rap about it – have made the NBA.  Hopefully it can inspire more in future.”


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