Junior Blues Presentation Day 2018 (U12s/14s)

Published on: Sep 10 2018
Author: FDBA

Yesterday afternoon, the Frankston Blues Under 12s and 14s broke with tradition and celebrated the 2017/18 VJBL season in a fun filled afternoon at Gravity Zone.

Blues Chairman, Chris Beattie, along with members of the Junior Blues committee expressed their pride.

“Our junior program has had one of its most successful seasons in recent memory.”

“To all our VJBL coaches, assistants and team managers, thank you for being the committed group you are. The responsibility you take, week in, week out is extraordinary”

“To the families of the Blues athletes, thank you for your investment. Your time, support and encouragement does not go unnoticed by our club and we are grateful for your presence”


U12/14 Boys Rising Star Award Winner- Gabriel Gallego

“Gab has excelled both as a player and a leader this past year. He is always the hardest trainer and works on his game every day which then enables him to strive for excellence. There is no more deserving young man of this award than Gab.” – Scott Christansen


U12/14 Girls Rising StarAward Winner-  Zoe Harvey

“Zoe Harvey stepped up this season both as a leader and as a force to be reckoned on both sides of the ball! She had an outstanding season and is only getting started. I’m very pleased to announce her as the Frankston Blues Rising Star award recipient for the 2017-18 season” – Kerryn Mitchell


Junior Blues Representative Team Awards

 Boys U12/1 – Cody Jarman (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/2 – Nicholas Muccignat (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/3 – Ryley Shiel (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/4 – Oscar Price (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/5 – Xaviar Buchanan (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/6 – Harry Craig (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/7 – Tristan Stapleton (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/8 – Calen Storen (Coaches Award)
 Boys U12/9 – Noah McAteer (MVP)
 Boys U14/1 – Gabriel Gallego (MVP)
 Boys U14/2 – Max Jackson (Coaches Award)
 Boys U14/3 – Charlie Reponen (Coaches Award)
 Boys U14/4 – Zac Johnstone (MVP)
 Boys U14/5 – Kai Cleary (MVP)
 Boys U14/6 – Jack Moloney (Coaches Award)
 Girls U12/1 – Destiny Joseph (Coaches Award)
 Girls U12/2 – Hannah McIntyre (Coaches Award)
 Girls U12/3 – Sitaya Fagan (Coaches Award)
 Girls U12/4 – Sophie Alexander (MVP)
 Girls U12/5 – Tina Petrovic (Coaches Award)
 Girls U12/6 – n/a
 Girls U12/7 – n/a
 Girls U14/1 – Jemma Reynolds (Coaches Award)
 Girls U14/2 – Zoe Orth (Most Improved)
 Girls U14/3 – Poppy Lean (Coaches Award)
 Girls U14/4 – Paige Weeks (Coaches Award)
 Girls U14/5 – Nyaneng Muot (MVP)
Girls U14/6 – Lily Bourke (MVP)