Junior Blues Survey Announcement

Published on: Oct 10 2018
Author: FDBA

As we look towards a new season of Blues we take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers of the past season, our program is only as strong as its volunteers – so thank you!

In a bid to continually evolve as a club we recently surveyed our Blues Coaches and Team Managers from season 2017/18 in a hope to continue to improve our Blues program now and into the future. The response rate was great and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to complete the survey to inevitably improve next season. The promising signs are that we seem to be more engaged and effective than previously, which is a sign that all the continued efforts of the Club are starting to become effective.

The all-important feedback has provided the Blues Committee some insight into the future needs of the programme and areas that we can provide additional thought and consideration to.

In the administration requests we have reviewed our tool kit for the season and added some valuable feedback to make these sources of information more transparent and effective. We have also reviewed the Team Managers responsibilities and how this pinnacle role interacts with players, parents and coaches, with slight adjustment we hope that the Blues season of 2018/19 is even more successful than ever before.

When we surveyed the coaches 89.19% found their role satisfying and enjoyable and for the Team Managers 95.65% found their role satisfying and enjoyable. There was a strong indication that parent and players education is still required, therefore we suggest to all new families, to read all of the documentation before the season starts. Representative basketball is a higher more elite level competition than domestic basketball and there are protocols to follow in the Victoria Junior Basketball League that allows our competition to be well managed and regulated. For existing parents and players, it is always a good idea to start the season by reminding yourselves of the key areas that you have responsibility. There is a section on players, parents and spectators in the welcome pack to Blues seasons which we strongly encourage you to become more familiar with. The key to success was working together as a team, which includes parents and spectators as well as Coaches, Team Managers and Players.

There is always more that we can do, and we are striving for that, with the success of the 2017/18 program we intend to leverage off the talent and commitment of our athletes to support the future profile of the Frankston Blues. We look forward to a great season of 2018/19 and thank you for being part of our legacy #BLUESCREW

Warm Regards

Chris Beattie

Chairman Frankston Blues