BOSTON COLLGE: Getting To Know Lana Hollingsworth

Published on: Oct 27 2018
Author: FDBA

Lana Hollingsworth is BC’s third member of the team that hails from Australia. Hollingsworth is from Victoria and set her goal at an early age to play college basketball in the states. She played for the Frankston Blues in the Under-18 team that competes in the Victorian Junior League. She was Player of the Year in the Capital Conference.

Learn a little more about Lana Hollingsworth.

Nickname: L, Lani
Hometown: Victoria, Australia
High School: Haileybury College
Favorite American Snack: Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Favorite Aussie Snack: Tim Tams
Favorite sport other than hoops: Tennis or Soccer

Q: Being one of seven freshmen this year, what has been the biggest adjustment for you, especially being from Australia? (on the court, at school and being in Boston)

A: The biggest adjustment on court has probably just been the pace and intensity. We go at 100% all the time and being able to stay in the mental state of giving everything, 24/7 was an adjustment for me. In terms of school, I think it would just be time management, college is really different to high school, and you’re expected to do a lot more work on your own and finding time to do all of that with basketball has been quite a change. Another adjustment I for me has been not having my parents to lean on every day.

Q: Why did you chose Boston College?

A: One of my biggest prerequisites for a school was being close to a big city. I wanted to come to America to experience a new culture and a new country and going to a college that does not have much surrounding it didn’t appealing to me. The next biggest thing was making sure I got a great balance between academics and basketball, I did not want to compromise for either. BC was ideal in that sense because it competes in arguably the best conference in the country and is an elite academic school. I wanted to come to America to push myself and BC allows me to do that on court and in the classroom.

Q: What type of style do you play and what will you try to bring to the team?

A: I like to play fast and smart basketball, that’s always the most fun for me on the court. I think as a freshman I’m going to try to bring high energy, good work ethic and keep trying to improve my basketball IQ.

Q: What has been the biggest difference in practice compared to where you played in Australia?

A:   Definitely the speed. I think most of the team would agree that Coach Mac wants to play very fast transition basketball, and for me that was a change because a lot of the teams I had played on had been half-court teams.

Q: Prior to your arrival at BC, what did you know about college basketball and did you realize the ACC was the best in the country?

A: I have been watching college basketball since I was eight, so I knew most of the major teams and conferences. I definitely always knew about the prowess of the ACC, but last year’s women’s tournament really solidified its strength when two of the four top teams were from the ACC.

Q: What are you looking forward to most this season?

A: I think playing in some really great arenas in front of a lot of people. High school sports in Australia isn’t really as big of a deal as it is here, so I haven’t fully experienced that crazy atmosphere that I know the ACC has.

Q: Do you have pregame rituals?

A: Not really, I’m not a superstitious person, I just get dressed and get on the court as soon as I can to start getting shots up. On the court, I have a pregame shooting routine, but other than that nothing too unique. I used to have an in-game ritual of eating skittles on the bench when I was playing badly because of the ESPN sports science episode with Marshawn Lynch.

Q: If you didn’t play basketball, what other sport would you play at BC?

A: I think I would probably do track. My dad was the Head Coach of the Australian Olympic Track and Field team, so I spent most of my childhood around track and field athletes and going to a track every Saturday with my dad. I also really liked tennis growing up, and I used to go to the Australian Open every year in Melbourne.

Q: Who introduced you to the game of basketball and when did you know you wanted to play at this level?

A: My mom signed me up to a local team when I was about six, so that was my start. The first time I saw the NCAA tournament on TV was when I was around eight. At that time, it was amazing to see the amount of people watching. I made a decision at that moment that I wanted to go to America and play college basketball.

Q: What do you do away from the court?

A: In Australia, I loved to go to the beach, it was one of my favorite places because it was only a 10-minute walk from my house. Obviously, Boston’s beaches are a little further away, so I’m missing it a little bit. But in Boston, I really love going out to eat with the team, we have this favorite sushi place near campus and dinner is always hilarious with them.

Q: Have you found a favorite hangout spot on campus or favorite place to eat?

A: In all honesty, I think it’s my room. I room in a triple with Makayla (Dickens) and Taylor (Soules), so we always have so much fun just chilling out, and usually all the freshman come and hang out in our room in upper. My favorite place to eat is definitely hillside, they have greatest jumbo chocolate chip cookies.

Q: Had you been to the states prior to your arrival at BC? If so when and why?

A: Yes, I’d been on a school basketball trip in ninth grade that went to San Francisco, Las Vegas and LA. Then I also played an AAU tournament last year in Dallas.

Q: What do you miss most about Australia?

A: Obviously, I miss my family and all of my friends a lot. But I also really miss Nando’s, which is a chicken restaurant in Australia. As well as, Twisties (kind of like Cheetos) and Arnott’s biscuits (cookies).


By Boston College