Athlete Development Week 2018/19 – Outdoor Session

Published on: Oct 29 2018
Author: FDBA

In the 2018/2019 VJBL Season the Frankston Blues will be offering teams and players a range of off-court development opportunities.

With this week being Athlete Development Week, over the weekend Frankston Basketball Programs Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning coach Jarryd Moss took one of our U14 Boys squads through a Power and Agility session using some of the new equipment we have available to our Junior Blues teams this season.

During the 90 minutes session the players completed a dynamic warm up, ladder work, reactive agility drills along with some sprint and jumping/landing technique exercises.

Following the drill based exercises we concluded with a game of touch-rugby, with a focus on the movements previously explored.

Jarryd Moss explained the importance of the session “We spend a lot of time focused on specific skills and fitness related to basketball, which is obviously important but it is important for the kids to focus on different movements away from the game of basketball.”

He continued saying “These sessions will be offered to all Blues teams over the course of the pre-season and they are a great way to mix up training sessions to provide new stimulus for our athletes.”

All Junior Blues athletes will also receive a take home Strength and Conditioning program focused on improving movement patterns and building a solid strength base to help them avoid injury and to aide their on-court performance. The programs will also include mobility exercises and similar speed/agility exercises to those shown in the video.