Published on: Nov 07 2018
Author: FDBA

On the Sunday and Friday of Athlete Development Week our Blues Strength and Conditioning team were on court running some baseline testing with our Junior Blues players.

The athletes underwent testing for their vertical leap using the Vertec testing system, 10m sprint using the infrared time gates and an upper-body power test in the form of a medicine ball throw.

The athletes were also taken through a full dynamic warm up and taught about the importance of this type of warm up as well as being educated on how the movements being tested translated to their movements on court.

From this our S&C team will then distribute take home programs for our junior plays to complete in their own time, away from training and over the Christmas break.

he focus of these programs will be to help improve our athletes movements through progressive strengthening of muscles and joints as well as giving them the tools to work on their mobility and conditioning.

Frankston Basketball’s Program’s Coordinator, Jarryd Moss thanked the players and parents for buying in to Athlete Development Week and the clubs vision for developing this area moving forward; “It was great to see so many kids attend and gain some exposure to these tests

“It gave us the opportunity to communicate with them why we test these movements and how we plan to work with them to help them develop in these areas”.

Moss continued by thanking Peninsula Sports Medicine Group and Woodford Sports Science Consulting. “With these great partnerships we feel we can begin to offer a truly holistic approach to developing our athletes”

“Not only are we providing high level coaching on court but we can begin to educate our players on the importance of looking after themselves away from training and games”.

Training programs will be distributed shortly as well as some exciting announcements around other seminars and training opportunities for our Blues members that will become available in the near future.