VJBL Heat Policy

Published on: Dec 07 2018
Author: FDBA

Due to the current weather please read rule 6.2.5 of the MUVJBL Rules Of Operation regarding temperature within the venue for tonights games.

6.2.5      Heat Timing – All stadiums must be fitted with a thermometer. On hot days, court temperature must be taken hourly whilst the stadium is in use and must be recorded in a permanent record kept at the stadium. If the stadium is in sections, the temperature must be taken in each section.

When the court temperature reaches 30C the Venue Supervisor must consider implementing and where the court temperature reaches 35C, must implement the following timing rules: 

  • The referee must call an additional compulsory timeout in each quarter if no timeout has been called by half way through the quarter.
  • When the court temperature reaches 40C games must be abandoned.
  • Timing regulations must be placed on the score bench by the Association hosting the matches.

Good luck tonight.