What if Michael Jordan was a woman?

Published on: Mar 07 2019
Author: FDBA

Sitaya Fagan, a team member of the Frankston Blues Under 12.1 Girls has recently featured in a local short film.

The 2 minutes short film by Jumpwoman Film comes with the description,

“An Independent film aims to spark conversation around representation and celebrate the power and passion female role models bring to the world of sports to coincide with International Women’s Day.”

“The images we see, the words we hear, the heroes we celebrate. It all has an impact on the way that we interpret our place in the world. ‘Jumpwoman’ takes us back to the 90s but with a twist, in this world girls have role models just as big as the boys. If visibility begets representation what would the world look like if Michael Jordan were a woman?”

Sitaya, the main character plays (like real life,) a young girl with basketball dreams, with the spin of “What if Michael Jordan was a woman?”

It also features her Blues team mates and Coach Nat Porter.

Have a watch below.

MR_What is Michael Jordan was Michelle Jordan_V3_7March2019 (1)