‘Frankston RSL’ Youth League Men 2019 Season Preview

Published on: Mar 14 2019
Author: FDBA

‘Frankston RSL’ Youth League Men’s season kicks off this weekend, as they enter Youth League Division 1 for 2019.

BLUES BASKETBALL MEDIA caught up with Championship winning head coach Glenn Eames for some insight to the squad’s pre-season and whats to come.

“Our pre-season training began in early November with a number of new faces in the group which numbered around the 30 mark with YL and U21s combined.

Pre-season included a mandatory 2 on court sessions and 1 strength and conditioning session per week.

Individual and small group sessions were also well attended as an optional extra for those who wanted it.

Late January brought the first of our three scheduled practice matches which enabled the coaching group to identify deficiencies in the style of play we wanted achieve.

It also gave the players some relief from the monotony of 3 months of training.”

With Mitch Zudijwick ageing out after his amazing game-winning 3 pointer in Game 2 of the Grand Final Series in 2018, Eames has added the talents of more local juniors, with the same goals as 2018 in mind.

“Blues fans should look out for a young Under 18’s player, Bryce Phillipe who has been training with the Youth League group this pre-season and has shown enough to make his debut into the senior ranks at some point this season.

Last season Tyson Carr and Tim Wells were in the same position at this time of the season as Bryce and both played a major role in the championship winning season.

Other players to watch out for include Tom Garrett who will play decent minutes with our Mens team this season, Big Angus Howie (208 cm) returns to the Blues from his time at College, along with Ryan Wells of the back of an exceptional 2018 season.

New comers to the Blues are Will Pierce, Burbeej Wang, Colomon Jal, Heath Johnson and Mat Durkin.

We also look forward to the return in May of Vinnie ‘Diesel’ Monaghan from his first year at college, another of our 2018 champs.”


‘Frankston RSL’ Youth League Men 2019 Roster: Kurt Alaimo, Tyson Carr, Dylan Cheston, Josh Cleary, Luke D’Alcorn, Liam Doyle-Toombs, Mat Durkin, Tom Garrett, Angus Howie, Colomon Jal, Heath Johnson, Jordan Kruger, Shaun McIntyre, Vincent Monaghan, Bryce Phillipe, Will Pierce, Ellis Pugh, Gryf Pugh, Darcy Strauss, Corey Tomkins, Burbeej Wang, Ryan Wells, Tim Wells

The ‘Frankston RSL’ Frankston Blues Youth League Men’s first game is this Sunday 17th March 2:30pm at Frankston Basketball Stadium.

Frankston Blues Big V Youth League Division 2 Champions 2018