#FreeRowdyB: A movement to get Ryan Broekhoff more minutes

Published on: Mar 28 2019
Author: FDBA

By The Pick & Roll

It’s easy to forget in this new age of Luka Dončić, but there was a time in Dallas Mavericks history when having a rookie or young player do anything more than warm the bench was so rare, as to be positively exotic. Only the real ones remember good ol’ Rodrigue Beaubois:

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle has long had a (not-entirely-true) reputation for having short leashes for young guys. Beaubois, despite his potential for explosive scoring, wasn’t exempt from this treatment – he never averaged more than 21.7 minutes per game in the four seasons he spent with the team.

A fan base starved of young, exciting talent came to coin the #FreeRoddyBhashtag – now a relic of a curious time in Mavs history after his career in the NBA flamed out in just four seasons due to injury.

Well, it may be time to revive that hashtag, with a twist: #FreeRowdyB.

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