Dan Trist | Centre of Attention

Published on: Aug 27 2019
Author: FDBA

A valuable contributor that year he fell out of favour with the coaching staff last season and spent much of the year out of the rotation.

Last years’ experience was a unique one for Trist, for the first time he found himself riding out a season at the end of the bench.

But rather than allow that to create doubts in his ability to compete at the level, it lit a fire under him that will carry the Phoenix big man into NBL20.

“I knew last year I was an NBL player, but obviously we had an excellent team, and the coaches had the rotations they wanted, and I just didn’t figure into that,” Trist told Phoenix Media. “It happens to everyone at some point in their career. I was lucky to play four seasons in Europe without ever having encountered that.”

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Trist headed to Spain at the end of last year’s NBL season and joined Caceres in the Spanish LEB Gold league, a team fighting to avoid relegation.

His role in the team was a new one; he was required to play big minutes, score and get other people involved.

“It’s been an intense journey over the last six months, but it’s been great, and I feel like I’m at a great point to make an impact this year,” he said. “My experience in Spain allowed me to work on that skill set which transferred over into NBL1 at Frankston, into the pre-season now and has made me a more complete player.”

Trist is motivated and ready to make a significant impact in NBL20 for the Phoenix.

“Last NBL season gave me some fire, and something to work through, I took that over to Spain when I went, I took it with me to Frankston, and it’s something that will drive me forward,” he said. “I’m glad we play United in the first game of the season, and I want to be ready for that game, I want to be my best self and show them they made a mistake.”

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