The voice of the Blues returns for 2020

Published on: Oct 01 2019
Author: FDBA

The Frankston Blues are pleased to announce that Damian Arsenis will be returning for NBL1 Season 2020.

The voice of the Blues’ game night live streaming commentary and online media coverage of the Senior Programs, Arsenis will enter his third year with the club.

As a co-founding partner of Australia’s largest independent basketball media outlet The Pick and Roll, Arsenis brings his extensive knowledge of the sport for the benefit of the Blues and greater basketball community.

FDBA’s Digital Media & Communications Coordinator Daniel Spangler was rapt to have him back.

“We pride ourselves in the digital space, and for our game nights it starts with people like Damo.

“His commentary brings a level of basketball knowledge that is unmatched across the league.”

The inaugural NBL1 2019 season saw Arsenis partner with the likes of Olympian Natalie Porter, Basketball Victoria’s Ash Arnott, ‘Golden Hands’ Chris Ash, and Southside Flyers’ WNBL star Steph Reid through out the year.

“Frankston has stepped up their game-night presentations over the past couple of years, and when you combine that with one of the most loyal and fanatical supporter bases in the league, the atmosphere at Frankston’s home games is second to none,” shared Arsenis.

“With the Blues men and women making great strides in their performances on the court, it really is a a pleasure to be able to call their games.”

Damian’s work for the 2020 has already begun with the announcement of Igor Hadziomerovic’s return in 2020.

Stay tuned to Frankston Blues’ website and social media platforms for more announcements and check our Senior Blues 2020 Off-Season Announcements page.