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  • USA Tour / 22 Mar 2019

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    The Frankston Blues USA tour involves junior athletes competing in exhibition matches and tournaments at various colleges in the USA for 19 days during late December and early January.  This is an amazing opportunity which promotes our young athletes in their chosen sport of basketball, while representing Frankston Blues and in turn Frankston City at an international level.

    The athletes have demonstrated their passion and commitment to basketball over the years, many of whom since the age of 7 and 8 years of age.  Currently training 2-3 times per week, the athletes play in domestic basketball competitions at Frankston Basketball as well as represent the Frankston Blues in the Victorian Junior representative (MUVJBL) program, at various levels. The USA experience enhances their skills and allows them to inspire other young athletes to continue to participate in the sport of basketball.

    The USA tour is currently being coordinated by Npire Travel Pty Ltd.


    2019/20 Athletes (Female Year)

    Lily Allan, Kassie Boorer, Olivia Corrigan, Jordan Hamilton, Manuao Harkaria Graham, Paige Hernan, Paige Kilby, Eleni Kourtis, Alex Mason, Shiloh Reponen, Zoe Schonfelder, Eliza Smith, Zoe Tauber, Taylah Trickey, Lucy Wells, Mikayla Zylstra, Antoinette Niakolas, Bridget Morrison, Bella Cianci